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Senin, 03 Januari 2011

$ 250 for a pair of 2-in content link

        How can I attract advertisers like that? Even I am not promoting my blog on the forums (been in long-term). 
There is no special way I do, I just: 
1. Diligent blog updates once a week. This article is unique articles. Sometimes I get articles from free article       directory, then I change to use the software unique article (search on google there are a lot)
2.  Nothing else I do ... 
    Just point no 1 above ... In my opinion, there are 2 assessment of the advertiser: 
    1. The quality of my articles are good   
    2. The articles I have written good at SEO for the long tail keywords, so that they can find my blog when  typing a long tail keyword in Google May 2 points above can menginsipirasi you to make a new breakthrough.

            In this article, I want to share information that hopefully can add to the spirit of fellow bloggers in dollars earned from the Internet. This week, I get 2 of the Advertiser's offer abroad to plug their links on my blog. The first bid is a pair of 2 links in the sidebar of blogs with a bid price of $ 200/tahun and the second is a pair of 2-in content links (links in the article) for $ 250.

                What's new is the advertiser may continue into the second, the first advertiser yet another reply from my email to give details of his links. After my second advertiser bid process, the payment gliding, this is his screenshot:

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