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Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Breathing More Light for Music

Music does have a high value in medical therapy. When listening to music, the electric wave listeners in the brain can be slowed and accelerated so that the performance of the body is changing. Even the music also has the strength affects heart rate and blood pressure.

It was one of them proven in 200 patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) who use a ventilator. When merkea played classical music, like Mozart's piano sonatas or pleasant music, the pulse of the patient breath more slowly and their anxiety is reduced.
Even the researchers from the Cochrane Library is doing this research said that music works better than drugs to calm the patient as long as they get on a ventilator with mechanical ventilation.

Mechanical ventilation is used for breathing apparatus known to cause various complications. For example, shortness of breath, often sucking air, difficulty speaking, fear and discomfort that causes anxiety.

Although music has been proven to have the strength, but Dr.Wendy Magee, music therapists from London said music therapy is not simple. We can not blindly choose the music. "Choosing the right music is important. We must know which means for every individual," he said.

Some types of music just can not relax and increase your heart rate, such as music is very stimulating, like heavy metal music.

Because music can stimulate the emotions, choosing music that is not appropriate for the patient will only add stress. That is why, the music that was played should be tailored to individual tastes.

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