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Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

10 gadgets Android ready to be launched by LG in 2011

Android is one gadget that its market growth potential is huge. And for that LG, although in 2010 it looks less aggressive release Android-based Gadgets, preparing for new markets in 2011 by setting up at least 10 gadgets Android mainstay.
The amount represents a significant improvement compared to the number of products that they release Android phones in 2010 in Indonesia, which is only 3 variants android phone. The minimal number of products that meeka release in 2010 was caused not been hectic with LG considers new technology users. As stated Ricard Susilo, Head of Product Marketting Mobile Communication Division, LG, “We see Android is still new, so people have not much to know about Android,” he said.

Now when Android judged already known to the public and has a large potential market, LG plans to launch some excellent gadgets Android in 2011. When found in the FX Plaza, on Thursday (12/16/2010) Ricard explains that it plans to launch 10 gadgets of the year 2011. Starting from the high end, until the middle to bottom. Richard also added that the gadgets to be issued will not be glued to the phone, but it must also be a tablet PC that recent popular.

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