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Minggu, 09 Januari 2011


Japan has four seasons. Japanese people are very proud of the season they had. The four seasons are as follows:
1. Spring

Spring occurred in March, April and May. In this season the temperature is warm but not hot, not too much rain. When this is the best time to visit Japan. From March to April is very famous cherry blossoms are blooming and the time for the emergence of many parties and festivals. April 27 until May 6 is a golden week (golden week) which is the longest holiday of the year in which all the travel services and a full entertainment booking.

2. Summer
After the spring over, followed by summer ie in June, July and August. Musm starts with a dreary rainy season in June and turned into a bath of sweat in July and August, with extreme humidity and temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. O-Bon (mid August) is probably the most inappropriate moment to visit Japan. Humidity is high, so we must be ready always with a towel to wipe sweat. Dehydration can occur and can be life threatening for people who are unable to adapt. A lot of Japanese people who traveled to the North island of Hokkaido or the mountains of Chubu and Tohoku to avoid this season.

3. Autumn
Autumn starts in September and ends in November, is now close to a second spring. Air temperature becomes more comfortable, cozy days more frequently and passing away of colored leaves equally impressive with colorful blooming cherry blossoms.

4. Winter
December is the beginning of winter. This season is the time for skiing and hot shower. Before the invention of the engine heated, this season was greatly feared by the Japanese people and they just stay in their homes, sitting near the fireplace. December 29 until January 3 is one long holiday in Japan and is the only government offices and most private service closed completely.

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