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Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Friendship in cyberspace

Shake hands in cyberspace

I created this website I want to shake hands through the air to the brother peoples of the earth either Indonesia or abroad. How can we know that this vast world? Through this virtual world we can all come together to share knowledge, share experiences. I think if the Website is like our house, we like to live side by side with other distant relatives. we can be more visited the neighbors' homes. Exciting right? we can more and more friends, and can further create opportunities for cooperation. If we can communicate with distant relatives in there in another country, this world will feel cramped.

Visiting the house in the cyberspace

Visiting the website else can we equate with relationship to the websites of other relatives. At home we should make our website and our grammar in such a manner as we arrange our own homes. And complete as possible, so guests who come will feel at home with treats that exist, we prepare meals article or music or other files, which may be useful for others. If we use to share this will be more interesting.

Build Togetherness

The longer hang out in cyberspace is hoping to make the intimacy that later we can create together to keep this world together. we keep the peace of the world through cyberspace scope. ( By SHANTOZ )

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